Manage your ADNOC Wallet

Customers subscribing to ADNOC Wallet can benefit from various payment methods that are safe and efficient.

Smart payment solutions enable customers to manage their accounts from anywhere, anytime using tablets or mobiles.

ADNOC Wallet customers can make payments using Emirates ID, the newly-introduced ADNOC Plus or through the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based authorisation method.

ADNOC Wallet customers can pay via the newly introduced ADNOC Plus. In adaptation, the customer’s Emirates ID can become a payment token, once it is linked to the Wallet. Top-up is made online, via a secure payment gateway.  When using the ADNOC Wallet for the first time, customers will have to top up their accounts online with a minimum balance of  AED200.

The first 5,000 ADNOC Wallet customers who request smart tag installation will get the RFID tag installed for free. In addition the first 5,000 ADNOC Plus cards will be issued for free.

ADNOC Distribution also registers and activates the customer’s Emirates ID cards for free