Safety tips

For your safety, please make a note of the following tips.

  1. Maintain speed limit
  2. Park within designated area
  3. Turn off the ignition
  4. Don’t allow kids to get out of the car
  5. Place your hand over the pad before touching fuel nozzle
  6. Use Gloves  
  7. Maintain safe distance while fuelling
  8. Keep holding the nozzle while fuelling
  9. Don’t overfill
  10. Upon completion, keep nozzle inside for a while to avoid dripping outside
  11. Notify sales attendant in case of spills/leaks
  12. Use only approved containers
  13. Don’t smoke
  14. Don’t use your mobile
  15. Don’t open bonnet nearby fuelling area
  16. Dispose trash properly
  17. Press HELP button for support