The pilot

ADNOC Distribution will run the ADNOC SMART pilot from 1 March to 1 October 2016.

The pilot will cover four service stations on Abu Dhabi island across different locations: Rabdan, Al Nasr, Al Zafarana, and Al Qanah.

The pilot will allow ADNOC Distribution to study customer trends and feedback. The company will conduct comprehensive market research studies and analysis of customer feedback in order to provide added value.

ADNOC Distribution will provide assisted service during the pilot. A sustained awareness campaign also aims to educate the public about the ways to use the new services and payment methods to help them maximise the benefits of new technology.

Posters placed on fuel dispensers explain the process step by step and highlight the safety refuelling tips.

Following the pilot completion, the company will take action based on careful assessment and the overall evaluation of the pilot phase and activate ADNOC SMART across our network of service stations in Abu Dhabi emirate.